Monday, June 16, 2008

The North American Union

From the 16 June 2008 Greater Niagara Newspapers

By Bob Confer

Over the past few years a majority of Americans have been quite disappointed with what’s happening at our Southern border. Millions of Mexicans have been allowed to illegally enter our nation and assimilate into our populace. Despite considerable uproar from legal, taxpaying citizens, our federal government has done almost nothing to rectify the situation. There has been some talk of increasing border security or maybe enforcing existing laws, but this “silent invasion” continues unchecked: For every one Mexican caught trying to illegally enter our nation, more than five make it through. This begs the question, “why isn’t the government doing anything about it?”

The government is not moving on this because, quite frankly, it doesn’t fit into their plans for the future. Open borders actually serve an obscene purpose for our government, because the free flow of humans and money facilitates something known as “the North American Union”.

Believing they achieved great success with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the leaders of the USA, Canada, and Mexico want to extend that style of governance beyond the realm of economics. They have a long-term plan to create an all-inclusive system that mirrors the European Union, something that would touch on economic, social, political, and judicial issues, truly affecting your everyday life.

The North American Union (NAU) has been in development behind the scenes for quite a while now. The brainchild of one-world-order promoters such as the Council of Foreign Relations (known as the most powerful influence upon US foreign policy), the concept has been pursued in earnest during the Bush Administration. In 2005 he, Mexican president Fox, and Canadian Prime Minister Martin launched the first step in the process, an initiative called the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. The SPP meets annually and outlines plans to standardize trade, security, and the flow of people.

The European model started in the same fashion and quickly became something that eroded the sovereignty of all participating nations. There, national identity and national laws (and, therefore, any semblance of self rule) have been eroded. Every one of the participating countries once managed their own defense and foreign affairs and handled items of law via their standards. Now, they conduct all such tasks as a cooperative.

All of this can occur in North America and some of it already has. Our Constitution has been usurped on numerous occasions by NAFTA. In a couple of high profile cases occurring since 2000 a tribunal of that pact has interceded in legal affairs, discounting court rulings in Massachusetts and Mississippi and going so far as to negate the rulings of our US Supreme Court. It’s frightening to think that outsiders can rule on issues on American soil where we are supposed to set the law of the land.

Imagine taking that one step further and putting your national defense into the hands of a continental security force. One of the primary goals of the Partnership is to universally protect everyone from natural and man-made disasters. That means countless trillions in US funds will be dedicated towards aid in Mexico, in a sense adopting all of their problems. That very same Mexico, a nation steeped in a culture of corruption, will be empowered to protect our nation. Not a very comforting thought.

Just as uncomfortable is the thought of a shared currency. Most Americans know that the Europeans share a common currency, the Euro. To supposedly improve trade the NAU would institute the same concept here, something anecdotally known as the “Amero”. This move would eliminate US monetary policy and stifle the rewards of American capitalism by spreading the economic benefit across three nations. Our national economy is sailing some rough waters right now. The dollar is at all-time lows. Just imagine how much worse off we would be sharing our money with Mexico. It’s obvious that we’d only be subsidizing their people: their gross domestic product is $12,500 per person while ours is $46,000. In the end, our quality of life would plummet in order to improve theirs.

Many people, including President Bush, have railed against NAU detractors, saying it will never exist and that it is not even in the planning stages. They attribute NAU talk to wild conspiracy theories and decry the insight of NAU opponents like CNN’s Lou Dobbs, the John Birch Society, and Congressman Ron Paul. As a concerned citizen you really can’t discount what those controversial men have to say. Years ago, dissenters much like them foretold of NAFTA and its flaws, and they have proven to be correct.

The NAU is not far-fetched. If it happened in Europe it can happen here, unless you act now. Contact your elected officials and let them know you like being an American…not a North American.

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