Friday, July 25, 2008

The Fight To Save English

From the 28 July 2008 Greater Niagara Newspapers

By Bob Confer

My company sells its products all over the world. The literature that goes with the goods sent overseas or to Canada are in multiple languages as they should be. But, we’ve made it a point that all items sold in the United States have their manuals and fliers printed in only one language: English. We do so out of respect for our national identity and our unique American culture. English has always been America’s presumptive official language and it always should be if not designated as such legally.

Other companies don’t take such a hard stand. Instead, they lick their chops over the revenue stream that comes with a very sizable population of individuals who don’t know and might never know English. There are nearly 20 million illegal aliens in the United States who, along with their many children born on American soil, chose to speak and read Spanish only. To reap rewards from such a consumer base, one which is almost 7% of the US population (and growing), businesses alter their marketing and packaging to include, and often times emphasize, the Spanish language.

Those companies – large corporations and small businesses alike – and the equally-guilty federal government are contributing to the decay of our national identity and are only adding to our illegal immigration nightmare. Our people have made it easy for the aliens to assimilate into our population, but not into our traditional society. After all, why would they want to, why would they have to, when their society is being spoonfed to them? By offering anything and everything in Spanish – consumer goods, private sector services, and public services – the United States has quickly become an extension of the aliens’ original home and not truly a new home. This continued invasion cannot be tempered when the invaders are being welcomed with open arms and their lives made quite comfortable. Basically, bilingual marketing and government offerings have aided Mexico’s northward expansion.

Nothing good can come from this. The indifference to English creates chaos in the ways that even the most basic of things are done and, ultimately and ironically, some of the people who will suffer the most are the invaders and their families. By choosing to speak only Spanish, they excuse themselves from ever moving up from the lowest of the low wages. They left Mexico to find a better quality of life, they got, but it is and will continue to be the lowest quality of life in America. They can go only so far when lacking the ability to appropriately communicate. With them stuck in such a rut, businesses will continue to supply them with sub-standard careers and earnings, taking advantage of this labor pool. This growing lower class will then stifle the upper-lower and middle class families who are real, legal and honest Americans. By cheapening the American standard of living they will steal jobs from our citizens, decrease wages across multiple industries, and the government will require that we provide for their ill-begotten entitlements and services.

In an attempt to weaken this cultural and economic collapse, many state governments have taken a stand and chosen to do business in manner that I have, pushing English when the federal government and businesses won’t. So far, 30 states in the Union have legally designated English as their official language, making it the only language of government. Many of those rulings were instituted a few decades ago, but eight were passed in the past 10 years, a time when promoting the English language has been looked at as politically-incorrect, if not racist, by some of the softest of our society. So, despite the inescapable ramblings of the vocal few, it has been shown that as a general rule our citizens want to maintain a sense of dignity and national pride and recognize the importance of English. As a matter of fact, this patriotic movement has not lost any steam: 10 states introduced pro-English bills in this year’s legislative sessions and in two of them (Ohio and Oklahoma) it passed one of the houses.

The fight to save English can’t end there. It needs to be ongoing. There are 20 states in which we need to affect change and recognize the sanctity of American traditions. The federal government will probably never proceed in such a manner, even though legislation has made it to the Congress floor in the past, but with a Republic such as ours, the onus is truly and legally on the States to keep our nation strong. 20 more of them to go and we can ensure some semblance of reason – if even just a little bit - in this seemingly-endless invasion.

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